January 22, 2020

Jenn + Jon || Stunning Lakeside Vows at Migis Lodge || Maine Wedding Videographer


Jenn and Jon were married at the beautiful Migis Lodge on a glorious day in May. The weather was perfect, the lake was still, and the whole property was quiet in preparation for a sacred union. Jenn’s sister who also happened to be the officiant took some moments of calm in the morning by the lake to really reflect on the surroundings to later bring that into her words for Jenn and Jon at their wonderful ceremony. The tie to the land, the love they have for their family and friends, the way these two just melted in eachother’s arms- well it was just remarkable to be around.
Jenn, Jon, we cannot thank you enough for inviting us on this journey with you. We appreciate your kindness and you welcoming us with open arms into such an incredible day! Happy Marriage you two!

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