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We are the owner/operators of Novae Film and Photo and we are glad you made it to our corner of the internet! We are traveling wedding filmmaker/photographers and we LOVE capturing people's stories and transforming them into works of art. We love engaging all senses through carefully crafted cinematography, photography, and sound.

What does Novae mean? Novae is a cosmic event where two stars orbit in close proximity and because of that and gravity, the once separate stars are joined. Each star brings its own beautiful power, then once together they are a bigger and brighter force in this world as one. We think this is much like a wedding day, two beings joining together to go forth stronger and brighter than they've ever been. We love being able to capture this energy and create memories that bring you right back to where it all began.

Professionally as a company, we have been filmmakers and photographers for 4 years, but combined have 2o years of training and media experience behind us. Both of us graduated in the fields of Art of Media Studies and Communication and have various backgrounds in multimedia. Our goal is to capture the essence of your wedding day and do not just the content justice but the FEELING of the moment being captured. We work with you to document your memories and your day with passion, meaning, and a strong sense of YOUR story.

a couple filmmaking duo who specialize in handcrafted films and photographs for weddings, elopements, and engagements.

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filmmaker/photographer + client relations


Hi friends! I'm Grace. While filming and photography is my job, I am truly enamored by the power of authentic storytelling. From a young age I have been captivated with the way good and true storytelling can make you FEEL. It's more than just a camera setting, it's the atmosphere, the essence, the beauty of real moments. That's what makes my heart full.

filmmaker/photographer + drone extraordinaire 


Hey there! Ben here, when I am not behind a camera you can find me out in the woods. From backpacking to canoe trips, I am happiest immersed in nature. I first picked up a camera 11 years ago wanting to capture more of my beautiful state and I haven't put it down since. 

our right hand gal/editor


Hey! I'm Sadie. Born and raised in Maine, I moved to Brooklyn two years ago for a change of scenery. I have spent my life reading stories in books, listening to stories told by family and friends, and watching stories play out in movies. Now I am lucky enough to spend my days crafting stories. When all is said and done and the day comes to an end, the stories are what will remain, and from them we can learn so much. 

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Our story? Well, we met at one of our most favorite places on earth, Harpswell, Maine, where we both grew up playing on the same coastline at our families' summer homes. Our days were often spent diving in and out of the Atlantic ocean, exploring tidepools, and sharing in some of best memories at this slice of heaven as kids. Fast forward to the day we met, it was a beautiful summer night in August. Ben showed up to my cottage and the second I laid eyes on him, I knew we were going to be together. Cheesy, I know, but it's 100% the truth. 

We love being wedding photographers and cinematographers because really, what's not to love? We are surrounded by the best energy that's out there, LOVE. We get to capture your most precious moments, see the tears, laugh with you, dance with you. We really do love our job! We struggled for a while for a sense of purpose, we were taking on any old media job that came our way. Then back in 2015, weddings found us! Our family, friends, and acquaintances kept asking us to capture their weddings. After the fifth one we said, "alright, let's do this!"

When we are not telling your stories, we are off creating our own. We love the outdoors but also love a good night in with a bottle of wine. We feel at home under the stars and take advantage of everything that New England has to offer. We work hard so we can really enjoy our downtime with our family and friends.

We so hope to hear from you soon. We would love to get to know you and tell YOUR story!

Hello! We are Grace and Ben


This is us.

We are fiercely dedicated to our business, we love cooking, anything outdoors, and most importantly we want to be with the people who matter the most to us, our family. Any chance we can get we are heading up to the family ski house, cabin in the White Mountains, our favorite camping spots off the Kancamangus, where we met in Harpswell, or adventuring with our family and friends. Documenting moments for a living really make us appreciate our own so much.  

we work hard, so when we have downtime we like to spend it with friends and family

Nature is our jam

We love EVERYTHING outdoors. Our car at one time might have camping, diving, hiking, surfing, and kayaking gear in it. You just never know what you might need! Living in New England truly is a blessing and we love being outdoors immersed in nature with our family and friends. Nothing is more important than sharing moments and while our lives get busy capturing other people's moments, we truly do not take any of it of for granted. 

when we are not at our computer you can find us taking advantage of all of the things New england has to offer.

Travel has our hearts

Travel? YES, when and where? We LOVE to travel and we jump at every opportunity we can get. We have documented love in Iceland, swam in the Aegean sea, dined on the best fettuccine Italy has to offer, snowboarded in British Columbia, dived for sea urchins in the Dutch Caribbean, and had some of the best hummus in Budapest. Basically what we are trying to say is we will go anywhere for an adventure, new experiences, to meet new friends, and good food. 

we LOVE traveling. we travel whenever we can, whether it be across the world or in our homestate of NEw england

Out on the open water

Our hearts truly lie with the ocean. We both love everything and anything that has to do with the big blue sea. In the summertime you'll find us on a boat, kayaking, surfing, and diving. If there is water, we will come. One of our favorite things as kids was finding a bridge or tall rocks to jump off of. There is nothing more refreshing than a cold dip in the ocean. 

growing up on the coast means all things boats, diving, tidal pool exploring, and jumping off ALL the rocks

Our favorite place on earth

Bailey Island is where our love story began, but we have been both calling Harpswell our home for long before we met. Ben growing up spending summers on Long Island and Grace on Bailey, there was already a powerful energy here for us. We spent our childhoods exploring the same coastline, tidal pools, and making memories with our loved ones. Little did we know that's the very same place we would become us. 

nothing feels quite like home like the ocean does. harspwell is a very special place for the both of us.

Fur babies

We LOVE our kitties, Beast and Runa! Beast is a fluff ball Maine Coon Kitty and Runa was a rescue found all by herself on the streets of Georgia. Beast found his way into our hearts when we first started college and then once we knew he needed friend, we looked for the fluffiest one we could find. These two spoiled munchkins have about a million nicknames and spend most of their days snuggling and eating treats. 

there is nothing quite like the love of an animal. we are just a bit obsessed with ours.

Movie marathon anyone?

We will always be game for a good film. Not only is filmmaking in our blood but we have always been enamored with the way good and authentic storytelling can make you feel. Some of our favorite films include Oh Brother, Where Art thou?, Out Of Africa, Sixteen Candles, Fargo, and basically every Wes Anderson movie ever made. The Grand Budapest, Moonrise Kingdom, The Royal Tenenbaums, to name a few- these are a MUST! 

our love for storytelling started with films.

Dinner + Hosting

We love cooking. Truly there is nothing better and more relaxing than making a good healthy meal and sharing it with our family and friends. Living in Portland there are so many options for good food, don't get us wrong, but we just love hosting and being able to provide a loving experience in the comfort of our home. Enchiladas, chicken marsala, chicken pho with homemade bone broth, spaghetti sauce with canned tomatoes from the garden, and all the crockpot meals are just a few things that we love to make. 

family, friends, and a good homecooked meal.

All the powder pls!

We are very blessed to have two amazing family homes to head to when the snow falls. Growing up in Maine means ALL the activities no matter what the weather. Ben's cabin in Tamworth makes for a beautiful off the grid getaway and Grace's family has a ski house in the White Mountains. These two home away from homes are our go to on the weekends when we want to go snowboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, and take advantage of all the winter wonderland activities.

when the snow falls we head to the whites!

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Why We do what we do

We LOVE our job! It’s hard to call it a job when we feel like the blessed ones to even be able to do this. Hanging out with people on the best days of their lives all the while we get to be creative and capture all the feels, well who wouldn’t love that? We have always been in the creative field working job to job trying to get by in a very media saturated world. Our friends and family kept referring us to people for engagement photos, wedding films, and photographs so finally we decided to do this for real. 

Flash forward to now, four years later we are full time wedding cinematographers and photographers capturing all the love. There truly is nothing better than being witness to your events. We know how important and priceless memories are, but even more we know how fleeting they are. Family and friends are what keep us going so we do not take being involved in your most important moments for granted. 

Thank you!
we'll be in touch soon! 

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Portland based wedding cinematographers + photographers, serving Maine,  New England, and beyond. Where your love takes you, we will go. 


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