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We will always put your experience first above all else because at the end of the day after the celebration is over, the cake is gone, and everyone has gone home; what you have left are your memories. Your photos, your films, and the incredible experience.

Most importantly number 7.

5. Stay adventurous.

4. Always be present.

3. Listen and observe.

2. Create art that stays true to you.

1. Be your hype people, always.

6. Experience with you, alongside you, and from afar.

Grace and Ben

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We would love to get to know you and tell YOUR story!

...We are off on a kayak adventure, mapping out our next camping trip, or cooking delicious meals with our family and friends. We love the outdoors but also love a good night in with a bottle of wine. We feel at home with each other under the stars and take advantage of everything that New England has to offer. 

When we are not filming / photographing / editing your love stories...

...We are living our own love story while happily capturing the some of life's most beautiful moments! It is truly a gift to be able to be immersed in such loving energy. 

Fast forward to 11 years later...

...on a beautiful August night in Harspwell, Maine. The stars were out, a cool salty breeze in the air, and a cottage full of loved ones. Ben showed up with his kayak and camera in tow, spending most of the evening taking time-lapses for the sky did quite the dance that night. Who would've known that a place that was already so special to the both of us would be where our story would begin.

WE met...

We so hope to hear from you soon.

...island hopping and finding new spots in New England to camp, we have a knack for spotting the best trees to hang our hammocks, and our favorite past time is cooking over a fire under the stars. At home our three cats, Beast, Runa, Yodi, and pup Vega are our lives, we enjoy tending to our garden, and learning new ways to be sustainable, and on Sunday's- we make quiche! We are currently based in Southern Maine, but enjoy traveling where ever life takes us.










island hopping

kayak adventures

sleeping under the trees

lobster rolls

starry skies


Our Style creative

... the quiet moments for they are just as powerful as the loud. We love what mother nature brings the day for weather because there is beauty in it all. We are honored to witness those magical "it's our wedding day" looks, the tears, the laughs, the happiest of times.

We not only get to know you through our lens but your family and friends as well, making sure everyone is having a good experience is of utmost importance. We want to be there when you need us, invisible when you don't, and most important, to documenting your most intimate moments and love with a thoughtful and thorough eye.

We live for...

...in capturing all that you are, your essence, your love language. We use thoughtfully crafted cinematography, photography, and sound to evoke feeling and emotion, for the day truly rides on all the feels. We want to bring about not only the love you two share, but also the energy that surrounds the place and humans you choose to be with you that day. It's the merging of the lives you've worked so hard for, but most importantly lived so hard for. So many of your lovely humans coming together to celebrate YOU two, and our style is to capture all that it is! 

We believe...

Fave Dessert:

Maple Walnut Gelato

Cats or Dogs:


Go to clothing:

yoga shorts or bust

From the Bar:

allagash white

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Fave Food:

tacos or pasta

Watching RN:

the last of us

Grace is the organizer, the keeper of the tasks, the brains behind the upkeep of the biz. She is who is on the other end of the emails, and will always protect her clients from any stress! Communication and preparedness is key when it comes capturing the full spectrum of your most special moments for that enables everyone to be fully present. Rooted in authentic storytelling, it's all about a great experience for that is what allows for the intimate moments to be felt to the fullest. 

When she is not shooting, Grace is in the editing bay processing all your memories thoroughly and thoughtfully. She makes sure everything stays on course from sorting clips, crafting all the monumental storylines in your films, audio mastering, photoshopping, and much more. 

photographer || filmmaker || sound || client relations

Hey! I'm GRACE

Fave Dessert:

creme Brulee

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From the Bar:

rec. League

southern maine

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Ben's journey as a creative began early in his life, inspired by his home state of Maine and its dynamic weather, nature and people. In 2017 after years of documenting landscapes and nature as a photographer, Ben graduated from Southern Maine Community College with a Communications and New Media degree and a focus on video production. Shortly after meeting, Ben and Grace formed Novae and Reel Maine Company, their commercial and branding media company, and has since produced work for local and international brands working as a producer, director of photography, drone operator and photographer.


Hey! I'm Ben

Born and Raised:

let's go!

The otherworldly, once in a lifetime energy that is your wedding day deserves to be captured thoughtfully by professionals who do not take lightly how important that essence is. We would love to be your team for your incredible event!



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